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At Art Empire Royal Living, discover not only our Winterhome collection, but also a range of beautiful decorative cushions from Pot en Vaas, Linden Luxe, trendy handmade rugs from Eichholtz and artificial silk rugs from PTMD, as well as cushions from various fabrics and plaids from various suppliers.


Our decorative cushions are versatile, stylish and can be perfectly combined with different colors and prints, suitable for any interior.


The Winterhome plaids add a touch of elegance and coziness to your interior, ideal for every season. These wonderfully warm and chic plaids have a faux fur front and a soft velvet back, packaged in an elegant gift box.

Winterhome's fur plaids are made of high-quality imitation fur that, together with the velvet, gives a luxurious feeling. The brand is known for durable fabrics and ease of use, all plaids are washable according to instructions.

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