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3mm. Plexiglass in combination with 3mm. Dibond

Combine itDibond with a top layer of acrylic from 3mm. for a luxurious look.

A Dibond back plate provides strength to the photo and the acrylic on top of the photo creates depth, shine and intensity of colors so that the photo is a real eye-catcher in your interior.

A top product that stands out thanks to its high-quality finish and stylish appearance.

The finest details look like realistic images of reality with precise contours and clear contrasts.

Our Plexiglass has the highest quality, it does not warp, has a lasting retention of the intense colors and is also used in museums and galleries due to its luxurious appearance.

3mm. Plexiglass with Dibond 

Your photo is glued between3mm. Plexiglass high gloss with a sturdy 3mm. Dibond back plate and a stylish aluminum suspension profile for the beautiful floating effect.

5mm. Clear high-gloss Plexiglass
Your 5mm photo art. clear acrylic/plexiglass has refined details of high quality. These transparent colored plates are not only thirty times as strong as glass, but also half as light. Acrylic glass gives a beautiful finish, giving the photo art a luxurious look. It has beautiful and intense colors. The depth effect makes the photo art stand out well. We guarantee our photo art, it is a true eye-catcher in your interior.

3mm. Dibond 
If you want an industrial, stylish look and you would like less reflection in your artwork 'because it is placed in a place where too much light comes in', then we recommend 3mm. Dibond* on. 

Dibond is just like a sandwich, made of 3 thin layers. Of which 2 outer layers are made of aluminum and the middle layer is made of polyethylene (= plastic). This gives it insulating and acoustic properties. One of the major advantages of Dibond is that it is also weather, wind and temperature resistant. This sheet material is very lightweight, but very sturdy, flat and durable. This material can be used as wall decoration both indoors and outdoors under a roof on a terrace or balcony.


Information links made of plexiglass and dibond.




Hanging system

All works of art are supplied with a blind aluminum hanging system as standard, making your work of art 2cm. comes from the wall. This creates a floating effect and a luxurious presentation. It is easy to assemble using the supplied mounting system and a plug and 2 screws.


Our frames are made of wood and spray-painted in black, white or the color of your choice. They have a light satin sheen with the stylish wood grain still visible.

The frames are finished with a top silver foil, which gives a higher quality appearance and class than painted frames.

Our frames are made of wood with a visible and stylish wood grain, tightly sprayed in the desired color.

Dibond plate with the photo printed on it


Standard sizes and weight:

  • 50 x 70 cm / 60 x 60 cm: 1 kg

  • 60 x 90 cm / 70 x 70 cm: 3 kg

  • 80 x 120 cm / 100 x 100 cm: 6 kg

  • 100 x 150 cm / 120 x 120 cm: 9 kg

  • 120 x 180 cm / 150 x 150 cm: 13 kg

  • 150 x 200 cm / 180 x 180 cm: 18 kg


Plexiglass is versatile:

  • Crystal-clear acrylic glass

  • UV-resistant

  • Flat and does not bend

  • Precise contours and clear contrasts

  • Easy to clean with a soft microfiber cloth or sponge

  • Sharp UV print with intense colors

  • Sturdy and light, and safer than glass

  • Glossy surface

  • Luxurious presentation

  • Guaranteed durability


Canvas & Linen:

Canvas is one of the most popular materials. A canvas painting has a beautiful and timeless appearance and is sturdy, light, and easy to hang. The canvas consists of a print on a pure white poly-cotton canvas of the highest quality that is stretched over a sturdy wooden frame of stretcher bars. To ensure durability for 10 years, the canvas is folded over itself. This creates a small thickening in the corners and ensures a very long lifespan.

Our artworks are professionally packaged and delivered ready-made by our carriers within 3 to 10 business days.


Our Canvas:

  • Does not discolor thanks to UV-resistant ink pigments, and we varnish it twice to give color fastness and a 100-year guarantee

  • Is protected against discoloration from the sun, water, and (light) scratches

  • Is stretched on durable, approved wood

  • Has a maximum size of 250 by 140 cm and a frame thickness of 2 cm

  • Is a print on canvas with sound-absorbing panels, perfect for improving sound in your interior, restaurant, or office

  • Has wooden panels placed behind the canvas in the frame, preventing sound from reflecting but being absorbed instead

  • Is razor-sharp and has color-fast prints because our printers print in 12 colors. This provides color accuracy and the best result


Note: A canvas painting is not suitable for outdoor or humid spaces.


Acoustic and Environmentally Friendly Materials

An acoustic sound-absorbing painting is a perfect solution to improve the acoustics in a room in a multifunctional way.

If you have a reverberant space at home or at work, such as office spaces or a restaurant, this multifunctional solution can improve the acoustics according to your own wishes. 

An acoustic photo print is easily replaceable. Order an extra loose print so you can easily change designs!


If you would like a sound-absorbing wall, where the entire wall is provided with an image, please contact us via the form on our website. 

  • Good processing options

  • Specific weight 1.90 kg/m²/mm

  • Recycled - Environmentally friendly

  • Temperature resistance -30 to 120 0C

  • Resistant to rot, mold and mites

  • Maximum sound absorption

Recycled PET bottle felt, acoustic felt: PET felt 9 mm are acoustic panels that largely consist of recycled PET bottles. This material is ideal for creating a beautiful wall finish or creating acoustic elements. 100% recyclable, contains no chemical components, so very environmentally friendly.


Some works have limited editions of 3 to a maximum of 25 copies, these are called Unique artwork, these are beautiful unique photo works of art by the world's top photographers.

​Answers to all your questions ​
We look forward to answering all your questions promptly, unless we are busy with customers, and will respond to your chat or email within 24 hours.

Special wishes on request 
If you have special wishes for an artwork in terms of design, size, color, material or photo, please feel free to contact ustelephone,e-mail or chat at the bottom right of the website. 


When Luxury and Quality is a LifeStyle!

We make to order, among other things, this precisely finished eye-catcher made of crystal clear gallery quality plexiglass - a razor-sharp printed photo artwork - we have more than 5000+ customers with a satisfaction score of 9.9. and very satisfied returning customers.

We produce our photo art with the latest techniques and machines and offer the most durable, high-quality materials with superior image quality, depth, intense colors and elegance with the best price-quality ratio and standard sizes from 50cm to 300cm.

  • Online store quality mark - best conceivable quality of materials

  • Professionally protected packaged - transported and delivered.

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