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  • How strong is plexiglass?
    Art on plexiglass not only looks impressive, it is also very strong and durable. Plexiglass is even about 30 times stronger than regular glass. Much less fragile than regular glass. Although Plexiglas is much stronger, it is also much lighter than regular glass and a lot safer. Because the plastic is more flexible, it will break less quickly, and splintering will certainly never happen. Good quality plexiglass does not discolour or weather either. Glass against it breaks faster and falls into thousands of pieces. For safety reasons alone, we recommend plexiglass far above ordinary glass.
  • Is acrylic glass the same as plexiglass?
    Yes, Plexiglas is also called Acrylic or Perspex.
  • What is dibond?
    Di-Bond is like a sandwich and made of 3 thin layers of which the 2 outer layers of aluminum and the middle layer of polythene (=plastic/plastic) therefore has insulating and acoustic properties, is sturdy, light and durable. A real eye-catcher with a matte finish. Gives your interior a modern, sleek and stylish look. Photos are true to color and come to life. Beautiful quality, durable and sturdy. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • What is the difference between plexiglass - 3mm. with dibond back plate and 5mm. without dibond back plate?
    You hardly see any difference in the result. The quality on the other hand certainly is, the colors remain beautiful for much longer by using this combination dibond back plate with plexiglass and are therefore more intense due to the aluminum background. That goes without saying. Thanks to the dibond back plate, your artwork is many times stronger and your artwork will not warp over the years, so it remains a stylish eye-catcher in your interior. Good optical properties Light weight Weather and UV resistant Good impact and break resistance. An aluminum suspension system is attached to the rear of the photo panel, which is about 6 millimeters thick in all. The slightly floating effect this creates is one of the reasons why gluing art on Plexiglas is a method that is often used in museums and galleries.
  • How  do I hang acrylic glass?
    The acrylic glass artwork comes with a metal suspension profile on the back. The suspension profile can be found on the back of the artwork, which you fix to the wall with 2 screws. Due to a suspension profile of 2 cm, the artwork appears to float along the wall. This looks fantastic, the hanging profile makes the artwork extra strong.
  • What do you recommend with a lot of reflection such as sunlight?
    In a lot of sunlight we recommend dibond, dibond has a satin-matt layer and ensures less or no reflection in your artwork. Dibond has a modern industrial look.
  • Can I email a nice photo to you and have it made on acrylic glass or dibond?
    Yes, please email us the desired photo with the minimum size of 100dpi via to
  • How will my artwork be shipped and will I have to wait at home?
    Our acrylic glass artworks are packed very firmly and neatly. A carrier will collect the package from us and bring it directly to the specified delivery address. That can be at your home or office or the like. We can also deliver it as a gift to the desired address on the correct date and time. We work with courier services that do nothing more than deliver our luxury items and fragile packages worldwide. Our carrier will contact you so that you don't have to wait at home unnecessarily. Are you not at home for whatever reason? Then the delivery person leaves an email and an appointment can be made to plan a new delivery. If your package is still damaged during transport, please contact us and we will solve this quickly and correctly.
  • Does acrylic glass have a specular and reflective effect?
    Yes. Acrylic glass reflects and that is the charm and strength of the material at the same time. This provides extra light in a dark corner, for example. This mirror effect also creates reflection in the image. This makes the material less suitable for rooms with many windows.
  • Can I have an order delivered as a gift?
    Yes, That happens regularly with us, which we really like when we get it. We also deliver an order as a gift which happens regularly with us and we also really like to hear. Pass this on when entering the data or contact us by mail or telephone.
  • Can I request an urgent delivery?
    Yes, An urgent delivery is possible after 2 to 3 days, for our art pieces we only print on order and delivery will be possible from 2 to 3 days. This all depends, among other things, on the location. For urgent delivery of furniture and accessories, we would like to receive the information by e-mail or telephone, so that we can then pass on the correct delivery date. Provide us with the correct information and we will ensure that the urgent delivery of our art is delivered on time and according to your wishes after three days. There are costs involved for urgent delivery, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
  • Can I have a work of art made on request?
    Yes, We have an extensive portfolio of artists and photographers worldwide. Send us your wishes via email, such as which colors, size or send us an example. Tell us the budget that needs to be taken into account and we will get to work on it, then we will email you some samples for free that we receive from our artists and make the artwork according to your wishes.
  • What is the minimum or maximum size?
    The minimum size is 50x70 cm and the maximum size is 250x150 cm. Naturally, any size is available upon request. Do you want a different, smaller or larger size? Please contact us by email or chat.
  • What are the specific advantages of acrylic glass with a dibond back plate?
    Our works are printed on high quality photo paper and backed 3mm. clear acrylic (plexiglass) placed. This gives a nice depth effect and enhances the colors and details of the art. The work is reinforced with an aluminum panel at the back. This ensures a super sturdy end product. A work of art on plexiglass exudes class and luxury and ensures that your work of art does not warp afterwards.
  • How do I clean acrylic glass?
    We recommend cleaning it with a dry cloth, preferably a micro fiber cloth. It is therefore best to use as little chemical substances as possible, so that it is not at the expense of the quality and impact resistance of the acrylic.
  • Does acrylic glass  warp?
    Poor quality acrylic glass which is widely sold these days and does indeed warp. We glue the acrylic gas that we offer to a sturdy aluminum dibond panel. The metal suspension profile is located at the back of the painting, which also provides extra strength.
  • What is the delivery time?
    In general you will receive the package between 4 and 8 working days. Do you have a rush? Please contact us!
  • How do I contact you with questions or comments?
    Enter your answer here
  • How thick is the acrylic glass?
    The photo print is glued to a 3mm aluminum (dibond) panel. thick. The acrylic glass itself has a thickness of 3 millimeters. If you are interested in acrylic glass without a dibond back plate, we supply 5mm. acrylic glass.
  • What is the right size?
    A sofa often occupies an important place in the interior. And then it is not only the work, but also the size very important. Make sure the piece is at least 2/3 the width of the sofa. If your sofa is 180cm wide, choose a work of at least 120cm wide (that is 2/3 of 180cm). In this way you ensure that the work does not look too small and disappears in your interior, or that it is too large and makes the space smaller. You can apply this to a single work, but also to a collage. The 2/3rd rule can also be applied above the dining table. If your table is 150 cm wide, choose a work of at least 100 cm. The 2/3rd rule does not apply if the work hangs on the front side of the table. In that case, we recommend choosing a standing work. Choose a work that is no wider than the table. Do you want to dress up the empty walls in the hall? Then go for several works and hang them in one long row. We recommend hanging several small works in a hall. The best way is to hang them side by side. You can hang several works next to each other and choose your own theme. One work in panaroma form also works very well. Go for works of at least 120 cm wide for your bedroom. Or choose a creative collage or wall-filling wallpaper to dream away with. Want to hang something on an empty wall without an anchor point? Choose a work of at least 80 cm in height. Choose tranquility or contrast in your bedroom. In terms of size, we recommend for a work of at least 120 cm wide for above your double bed. Just like above the sofa, you can also perfectly hang a collage of smaller works above the bed. If you can't figure it out at all, the golden tip is "test it with paper"! If you really want to be 100% sure which size fits you and your room well, get started with A4 paper (or a garbage bag) and adhesive tape. Stick the papers together with tape in the size you think will fit well, and hang it on the wall.
  • How thick is Dibond?
    Dibond is 3mm thick in total and is a very sturdy and durable material.
  • Which payment options are used?
    All payment options are accepted from any bank.
  • Which suspension system is used?
    All works of art are provided with an aluminum suspension system as standard, so that your work of art is 2 cm. comes off the wall. This creates a floating effect and a luxurious presentation. We have a choice of suspension profile or spacers.
  • What are the shipping costs?
    The shipping costs are free for the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • How can I change an order?
    If you change your mind about your purchase because you still want a different size or artwork, we will hear from you as soon as possible within an hour. Before the order is already in effect. This can be passed on by telephone, the refund will then be initiated immediately and you will receive it on your bank account within three days. You can place a new order on our website if you wish. Returning your order is possible within 14 days after receipt of your order. To do this, you must first contact customer service. After returning in original packaging, we will check the quality and, if unaffected, refund the entire purchase price (excluding the costs of return and administration costs) within 30 days. The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with Art-Empire until the moment of delivery to the consumer, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
  • What are your ratings?
    Art-Empire-Royal-Living has the highest customer satisfaction score of 5.0 - 98% Positive (17790 reviews) Reviews based on data collected by Google and/or its partners. Art-Empire-Royal-Living is grateful for the trust and appreciation and welcomes you to our online store.
  • Do you have a return guarantee?
    Yes, we have a 14-day return guarantee. Returns:Return shipments of our products are at all times for the account of the customer, in case of defect or damage of the product on arrival in our store, these costs are also for the customer, the buyer hereby waives the right of withdrawal. You can return the product safely and insured via T&C Transport - reachable on 040-2985884.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of a 3mm plexiglass with dibond and aluminum suspension system?
    Sizes 60 x 90/ 70 x 70 - 3 kg 80 x 120 / 100 x 100 - 6 kg 100 x 150/ 120 x 120 - 9 kg 120 x 180/ 150 x 150 - 13 kg 150 x 200/ 180 x 180 - 18 kg
  • Right of withdrawal applies to custom-made products.
    No, The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made products. The law specifically includes a number of products that you may exclude, these products are: Products made to customer specificationsThis category includes products that are really specially manufactured according to the customer's specifications. There are strict requirements for this. A product with, for example, 6 fixed choices which are only merged after ordering, as a rule does NOT fall under this. A standard sofa with a choice of upholstery may not be exempted by law. A computer that is custom-made on the basis of standard parts is also NOT included. A necklace in which the name of the buyer is engraved, on the other hand, is also a case that has been specially designed and made for the consumer. The way of presentation is important here. If you show different options for a product, this is generally seen as standard. If you can really manually specify measurements and personalization options on the centimeter yourself, then there is soon a question of customization.
  • How does a discount code work?
    A discount code is valid once and not valid in combination with other promotions such as day deals or other discount codes. When returning a product where a discount code has been used, the discount will expire. You can only get a discount on the mentioned products with a discount code.
  • Which material is good for the bathroom?
    In a bathroom or damp room we recommend the material Dibond with spacers, We drill a hole at each corner and supply the spacers/hanging system - for a beautiful floating effect.
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