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Mercure - Storage bed


Mercure is characterized by its hip and trendy model. Through continuously innovative quality at favorable prices.


The exclusive line consists of smart and space-saving beds with a smart storage system, all of which can be found on our site.


The Erik Kuster look Mercure upholstered storage bed consists of a beautiful  headboard with crocodile print. This Mercure storage bed gives a beautiful, lively look to any bedroom interior.


In addition to this suitable appearance, you will of course also enjoy the wonderful sleeping comfort of the luxurious and, above all, stylish storage bed.


With the Mercure you make optimal use of the space in your bedroom.Due to the handy storage space that is located under the entire surface of the mattress you can tidy up almost all the things you want in a neat and convenient way.


This model is a popular model and is therefore in stock and can be delivered quickly!


Luxury Storage Bed - Mercure Crox - Velvet Black Croco

PriceFrom €2,100.00
Sales Tax Included |
    • Delivery time: 7 – 14 working days.
    • Delivery from stock
    • Luxurious appearance
    • Croco print
    • Delivered quickly
    • Handy storage space


    Main board:
    Checkered headboard in luxurious fabric H. 162cm

    Upholstered storage boxes H. 28cm

    5-turn innerspring H. 32cm

    5 Round legs per box H. 10cm

    Other features:
    Maximum load 100kg per side

    Sizes 160/180x200cm
    6 packages

    Color code:

    2 years on mattress

    Delivery time 2-4 weeks.



    Mercure storage bed

    The Mercure storage bed is characterized by its attractive and classic appearance. By continuously being innovative, we deliver good quality at favorable prices. The exclusive line consists of smart and space-saving beds with a smart storage system, all of which can be found on our site.

    The boxes

    The Mercure model has 2 storage boxes that can be opened from the foot end. The handy storage space located under the entire surface of the mattress allows you to tidy up almost all the desired items in a neat and convenient way. Consisting of a fully metal frame upholstered in a luxurious furniture fabric, this is the ultimate collaboration between strength and appearance. The gas springs that help open the boxes make the enormous storage space that this bed offers extra easy to reach.

    The mattress, approximately 32 cm thick, has a 5-turn inner spring, is finished with a high-quality cold foam topper that can be zipped off and is upholstered in the luxurious furniture fabric. This storage bed has 1 mattress that can be slept on on one side. By turning it regularly you can extend the life of your mattress. The mattress can be loaded up to 100 kg.


    The Mercure is only available in the black color and fabric as shown in the photo. The blocks are finished with a beautiful crocodile print. Fabrics that you view online in a photo may differ slightly in color from those in real life.


    The Mercure has a sleek appearance due to the luxurious headboard with 9 upholstered blocks that are distributed horizontally over the headboard. This look gives a beautiful, lively appearance to any bedroom interior. This headboard is approximately 93 cm wider than the chosen bed size and approximately 162 cm high. The main board consists of 3 parts, this one is divided vertically.

    To enjoy a wonderful night's sleep for as long as possible, you must maintain your mattress properly. That's why it's important to turn your mattress once a month. This way you prevent holes from forming in your mattress and you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Protect the mattress as best as possible and only sleep on it using a molton and fitted sheet. The luxurious furniture fabric of the box spring is easy to keep dust-free by vacuuming it with the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner.

    Our box springs are delivered throughout the Netherlands and Belgium (shipping to the Wadden Islands is only possible up to the mainland depot). As soon as a box spring is ready for delivery, the transport company will contact you to make an appointment.


    If you choose delivery, the box spring will be delivered over the first threshold on the ground floor. The box spring is transported very carefully, but damage may still occur during transport. It is important to check the box spring for damage immediately upon receipt and immediately report this to the driver and our customer service.

    Mounting choice
    For a small additional charge, the box spring will be placed and assembled for you in the desired room. It is important that the room is easily accessible and that the place where the box spring should be placed is free for your new bed.

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