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The beautiful Ilfari Ballroom ceiling is available in various standard sizes and can also be fully customized. The glass balls with built-in LED create a particularly luxurious image for a stairwell, loft, hall or above a table.

Ilfari Ballroom Ceiling Lamp

PriceFrom €3,320.00
Sales Tax Included |

    Round ceiling plate - 2 Watt light source

    Ballroom H15, ceiling plate round 35cm, 15 LED light sources € 3326


    Ballroom H20, ceiling plate round 50cm, 20 LED light source. € 4294,-


    Ballroom H32, ceiling plate round 60cm, 32 LED light source. € 6351,-


    Ballroom H100, ceiling plate round 120cm, 100 LED light source. € 16332,-


    Ballroom H145, ceiling plate round 150cm, 145 LED light source. €22977,-


    Ceiling plate 80cm, with 44 LED light sources (customization on request)

    Ceiling plate 100cm, with 56 LED light sources (customization on request)


    Rectangular ceiling plate
    Ballroom H25, ceiling plate 100 x 30cm, 25 LED light sources € 5141,-
    Ballroom H40, ceiling plate 150 x 30cm, 40 LED light sources € 7258,-


    In addition, customization is possible if you have specific wishes.
    Ceiling plate is also available in various colors.

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