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Àsìkò is a conceptual photographer whose practice is anchored by the interpolation of his emotional experiences as a Nigerian-born (and raised) British citizen. His work is motivated by increased self-awareness, authentic creative expression, and the development of a visual language that articulates new ways of understanding the liberatory possibilities of African diasporic identity. Asiko's work is ambitious and his images initiated by internal dialogue. Based on a broader commitment to faithfully honor and enrich the relevance of this vast and - as yet poorly understood - knowledge system and philosophy for contemporary global society. By applying an intrinsically sensual and feminist approach that centers the body as the subject through which he generates ideas about gendered power dynamics and violence, the boundaries of femininity and masculinity, spirituality and beauty, our relationship with nature and ultimately belonging.

The Adorned series started with the recollection of a childhood memory of a woman I met at my grandmother's funeral, she was tall, dark and had a fierce temper. She seemed very important because everyone seemed to respect her. She was layered in jewelry of different textures and sizes. I believe this provided the aesthetic basis for the decorated project. From that memory, I started exploring femininity and its confluence with culture, more so with my African culture. I am interested in exploring the beauty imbued in black women and how strength plays a role in that image. The series explores femininity, female archetypes and the intersection with culture and identity.


The artwork is available in metallic print in 18 x 12 inches (3 editions), 30 x 20 inches (3 editions) and 40 x 26 inches (2 editions)



Our black and white wooden frames are sleekly sprayed and have a light satin sheen, the grain is beautifully stylish and subtly visible. The topcoat silver frames are finished with a silver foil, which gives a higher quality appearance than painted silver edges.


The frames can be ordered for this very exclusive, beautiful work of art upon request.



On average, the delivery time is a maximum of 8 working days in Europe, shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free.


If you have ordered a photo, we will keep you informed about the delivery time.

Please indicate the desired delivery days and times with your order.


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Asiko Collection - Ero

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