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We produce the highest quality materials and your artwork can be ordered in:

• 5mm. Clear Plexiglass is affordable and has a luxurious appearance.
• 3mm. Plexiglass with a 3mm. Dibond backplate, this one
combination produces a beautiful, glossy and intense result.
• 3mm. Dibond has a matte surface that ensures less
reflection on your photo art and creates a modern look.

Hanging system
Your photo comes standard with a blind aluminum suspension system, placing the artwork 2cm. from the wall. This creates a floating and luxurious effect.

Our quality Plexiglass is also used in museums and galleries due to its durable preservation of intense colors.

Our wooden frames are sprayed tightly and have a light satin shine, the wood grain is still visible which gives a classy appearance. Click here to see examples of materials on our website.

Delivery time
On average, the delivery time is a maximum of 8 working days in Europe, shipping is free in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.




PriceFrom € 249,00
Sales Tax Included |

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    The price will appear immediately after all options have been selected.


    • The highest quality for the best price
    • Customer satisfaction 9.7
    • Gallery quality Plexiglass
    • Including blind aluminum suspension system
    • Free Shipping
    • Wood structure frame in various colors
    • Delivery by appointment
    • Photoshop service
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