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Information painting 

This painting represents honor and patience, friendship and care, reconciliations, love, inner life, children and family ... and peace.


This colorful painting is from Eigen Label RH Art Design 

Only one was made and it is a unique, stylish and beautiful piece of art

If you're looking for a real eye-catcher, you've found it now.

​Made from Oil Paint on a Subtle Linen Canvas - 
​Size 70x 80 cm with a beautiful wide band 



​This piece is immediately available and will be delivered to your home and hung.

Information Linen-

Painting canvas is traditionally made from linen or canvas. The original linen cloth is made from flax and the original canvas cloth is made from hemp, which is somewhat coarser than linen and therefore linen is considered better quality.


Information Varnish-

Varnish is a transparent layer that you apply to protect the underlying layer against moisture, mold, wear or UV light.

When the resin dries, a hard, shiny and usually translucent layer is formed.

Delivery time

On average, the delivery time is 3 to 8 working days in Europe, shipping is free in the Netherlands and Belgium.





Karl in love with Cartier - Linen - 70 x 80 - Oil on Linen - Varnish Low

Sales Tax Included |
    • Varnished
    • ​Painter Own Label RH Art Design 
    • ​Oil on linen canvas 
    • ​Size 70x 80 cm
    • Wide Band 
    • ​Delivered and hung at home
    • ​1 piece made and in stock immediately available 
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