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Add warmth to marble or wooden floors with the Evans Carpet. Retro with a contemporary feel, this monochrome rug is hand-tufted from an 85% New Zealand wool pile and a 15% viscose pile.


It features a striking Greek-esque pattern of square and circle symbols in taupe and off-white on a bright black background.


Carpet 'Evans', is 'handmade' woven includes a pronounced pattern which makes an impression in any interior. In lines there are several cultural backgrounds it interweaves and makes a tapestry that you try to decipher. Where is it from; from a palace? The contemporary design makes it a modern rug with a mysterious touch.


Eichholtz is known as a brand with a clear style of its own. The signature of this Dutch brand is 'modern chic' and also responds well to the trends, but always retaining the own face. Eichholtz products are distinguished by their refined product design and an eclectic international style with a touch of glamour. So they have a very extensive collection with lighting, including table lamps, hanging lamps and floor lamps.  


Eichholtz - Carpet - Evans - Handmade

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    Black | off-white | taupe Hand tufted | 85% wool pile New Zealand | 15% viscose heap

    Available in sizes

    - 170 x 240 cm. 
    - 200 x 300 cm. 
    - 300 x 400 cm. 

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