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If you are looking for a Deco influenced chandelier, look no further. Chandelier Damien Double has more than a touch of Art Deco decadence.


The round frames with 3 variable finishes including Antique Brass - Bronze or Nickel and are inlaid with frosted glass rods and are waiting to reflect the light in a hundred different ways.


The rings can be hung in any desired position by adjusting the length of the cables. Extremely suitable for modern homes and homes from the 1920s and 1930s.


We offer you an extensive selection of Eichholtz products that perfectly match the characteristic modern and chic style. Be inspired by Eichholtz's decorative products, which are a stylish and beautiful addition to any interior!






Chandelier - Damien Double

SKU: 113902
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  • Available in different colors and finishes:

    • Item no 113902

      Antique brass finish | frosted glass

    • Item no 114749

      Bronze highlight finish | frosted glass

    • Item no 114750

      Nickel finish | frosted glass

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