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All Cartello leather products go through the same process. Until the products arrive in the studio and are transformed from a piece of leather into Cartello Home decoration. With an extensive choice of colour, shapes and sizes. The crocodile look is created by printing the leather twice. In addition, the dust and dirt are cleared. A finish has been applied and it is sprayed twice with a dirt and water-repellent coating. This makes the products easy to maintain with a (damp) cloth.

More and more people are discovering the value of pure beeswax. For many, lighting it marks a resting point in the day. The start of a shared meal and of course a moment of reflection and attention for each other.


The matching lighter can be ordered separately. Thanks to the powerful blue flame, you can light the wooden wicks with this lighter within a few seconds. Dimensions: 11cm (height) Ø 3cm.


Dead lid
Our candles have a deaf lid. The exterior is made of 100% leather and the bottom is made of aluminum, which is fire-resistant, so you can extinguish the fire with the lid. 


Why not a 'normal' candle?
Regular candles are made from paraffin, a petrochemical residual product. It is created during the distillation of motor oil. It also contains stearin for strength. This is made from the fat of pigs and cows. Or nowadays also from palm oil, but that is at the expense of the tropical rainforest...


Croco Leather Vase - Conical/Cone-shaped - Must Have- Cartello Home -

PriceFrom €115.00
Sales Tax Included |
    • Delivery time: 1–3 working days.
    • 100% Leather of the highest caliber!
    • Moisture & Dirt repellent
    • 100% Sustainable & Organic product


    Multiple sizes and colors available:

    28 cm high | 60 cm high | 100 cm high

    Bronze | Silver | Black



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