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A beautiful Wall Art Collection and sustainable addition to any interior.



We produce the best conceivable quality materials, so that your work of art has a razor-sharp print and is durable. Our Plexiglass has the highest quality - does not warp and is also used in museums and galleries due to its luxurious appearance and long-lasting retention of the intense colors.


At the rear there is a luxurious, sturdy aluminum suspension profile that provides stability. Your artwork will rise 2 cm from the wall, creating a floating and luxurious effect.


We offer a choice of 5 high-quality materials:


  • Crystal clear Gallery Plexiglass (thickness: 5 millimeters): for a stylish and luxurious look.


  • Gallery Plexiglass (thickness: 5 millimeters) with a 3 millimeter Dibond back plate: a top combination with a beautiful, glossy and intense appearance.


  • Dibond: has a matte surface that ensures less reflection on your photo art and has a modern, industrial look. This strong material is also suitable for a covered terrace.


  • Canvas: the timeless classic that comes into its own in a classic interior because of the clarity of colors and depth of the image.


  • Acoustic Panels: the practical and multifunctional solution for reverberant rooms. The cloth is easy to change, so you can quickly create a different look. These cloths are 100% recyclable, contain no chemical components and are therefore environmentally friendly.


Hanging system

The stylish Plexiglas and Dibond artworks are standard equipped with a blind aluminum hanging system all around, which is 5 cm from the sides, so that the artwork is 2 cm from the wall. This creates a floating and luxurious effect and provides extra reinforcement to prevent warping.



Our classic Canvas has a frame with a thickness of 2 cm and hangs elegantly straight along the wall.


Did you know that our quality Plexiglass is also used in museums and galleries due to its sustainable quality retention and intense colors? That is something we are proud of and why our works of art are so appreciated by our customers.



For a stylish look, we have opted for wooden frames where the wood grain is subtly visible. All our wooden frames are tightly sprayed and have a beautiful, light satin sheen.


Packaging and transport

Our works of art are professionally packaged, transported and delivered.


Extensive information

More information and examples can be found on our pagematerials.


Way Out

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