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Bos primigenius primigenius

The horn is crystallized.

Location: Poland 


From our studio we offer more than 100 years of experience!

We guarantee the highest quality using the latest techniques to treat skins before we prepare them. Our preparations are of excellent quality, both inside and out.


🦚Our Ethics: All animals we prepare have died naturally in zoos or aviaries. They are certified and come with the necessary paperwork.


📸Show model and shipping:

Bring this unique fossilized auroch into your home! The auroch, or aurochs, is an extinct species of cattle. The cattle we know today are descended from this species.


This cattle lived in almost all of Europe with the exception of Ireland and northern Scandinavia. Asia and Africa are also part of the aurochs' habitat.


The aurochs came to Europe from India in the second half of the Pleistocene. The aurochs lived until 1200-1400 and probably became extinct due to hunting.


Please take into account additional costs depending on the destination country.



🚚Shipping information:

  • CITES-III certified
  • Shipping within Europe with declaration of origin
  • For shipping outside Europe, please contact us to apply for export and import CITES.


We take pride in our craftsmanship and hope that our beautiful peacocks will make an enchanting addition to your space.





Fossilized Aurochs- Crystallized horn

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